Digital Marketing Cornwall

We cover every aspect of digital marketing and can either support you or carry out the work for you.

Support can include training, consultation or a little bit of both.

Getting your digital marketing strategy right from the very start is key to achieving great results. This is a focus for SEO Cornwall

Market Research

Not everyone is a great believer in doing research before creating the next big thing or starting a new business venture.

The truth is, if you know what your target customers current problems are, you can tailor your products or services accordingly.

If you can solve customer problems, you can kick-start new ventures with ease.

Web Design

If you need a new website, it pays to plan this around your business objectives.

Planning the design layout, content and customer journey in advance is good practice today, using UX Design processes.

Makes a massive difference when it comes to building the website and will help the whole project team focus on key objectives.


Email Marketing

Not sure whether email marketing is right for your business or not?

We can talk you through the various options, from cleaning to growing an engaged email database that can be tapped into when necessary.

Support can be provided in either setting up and running email campaigns to writing copy that encourages people to open emails.


Copywriting is not something that always comes to mind with digital marketing, but it’s key to success.

How do you convince customers to make a decision in your favour otherwise?

Copywriting is something that many believe is only used by larger organisations and household brands, but that’s simply not true/


Getting found on search engines and having your website and web pages listed free makes a big difference to your bottom line.

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools and will integrate them for you or we can support you in doing this yourself.

Our seo services are second to none and we stay up to date with all the latest innovations worldwide.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google, so it makes a lot of sense to utilise it as a business.

SEO Cornwall can get you all setup and can either manage everything for you or support you to get the best results from YouTube.

From strategy, to keyword research, creating eye catching thumbnails, banners etc. we do it all.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been a very useful way for businesses to promote themselves in positive ways, but a lot of business owners use old fashioned tactics that offer little to no return.

We use all the very latest strategies and are very creative at coming up with original ideas to boost results that align to your overall strategy.

Twitter Marketing

We can help you setup or optimise an existing account profile.

Posting the right content, creating hashtags and attracting the right people can boost your marketing efforts in surprising ways.

The name of the game is attracting influencers who want to talk about your company to their large network of contacts.

Quora Marketing

Quora is one of the largest question and answer websites in the world.

It’s a non-competitive market at the moment, so it’s a great time to get involved with Quora.

Quora attracts a lot of customers that will be asking questions you can answer. The beauty of this is, you can direct them to relevant web pages on your own website.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords offers a range of flexible solutions to help any business optimise website traffic, leads and sales online.

We can review or setup Campaigns and have a range of advanced strategies that will help you achieve a good return on investment (ROI)

Google can be switched on and off around your business needs too.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website traffic tool that helps you analyse visitor traffic, goals and conversions.

It is arguably the most advanced software available at zero cost, so it’s a tool we highly recommend.

We can set this up for you, including the more technical features, based on your data needs.


Instagram is fast becoming a new and worthwhile platform for business to connect with customers.

You can also sell product on Instagram.

The platform allows you to create a strategy, create content, follow key accounts, analyse data, all in one place.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest offers a non-competitive environment to get your business brand in front of new people and drive traffic to your site.

Over 200 million use it, so it’s a very worthwhile and proactive environment, where people share and visualise ideas.

People using the platform are early in the stage of planning a project or purchase, so it’s a great platform to put yourself forward.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin offers a very strong platform for networking and promoting your business, products and services.

We can create or optimise profiles, manage or support, as required.

Adding value to people, networking with key players and customers can be a great way of increasing your connections and referrals.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook can be a very cost effective way of advertising your business, if you target the right people.

Being able to choose people by location, demographics, interests, behaviour and connections can make all the difference when it comes down to ROI.

You can also engage with people who already know about you, using custom audience features.

App Marketing

With the App business, it’s key to understand the existing market, before creating a new app.

This will help you identify what’s popular and where you might be able to offer an improved app.

We have a comprehensive service offering in promoting apps and will be happy to support you, every step of the way.