Struggling with Google Analytics GA4?

Google Analytics has long been the preferred choice to analyse website traffic, but with the emergence of Google Analytics GA4, will this continue? GA4 along with its predecessors will remain free, but reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) might put off many business owners who just need basic information. Even large organisations […]

Position SEO

Position SEO This might seem quite an unusual term, but all position seo means is: What position within organic search engine rankings, does a web page appear? The organic search results have to be earned, search engines do not accept any income for them. You either receive a good ranking within the organic search results, […]

Looking for SEO Newquay

Which company is best for digital marketing? When I first started SEO back in 2007, there was one major seo agency in Cornwall, along with a small band of SEO consultants or freelancers working in search engine optimisation or digital marketing. When you search for ‘seo cornwall’ or ‘seo agency cornwall’ nowadays, there is a […]

Cornwall Design Agencies

I often speak to customers who cannot afford to use design agencies in Cornwall and with the current climate, this is likely to continue. There is little doubt in my mind, when budgets allow, working with a design team does allow for more creative ideas to flow on a project. What’s the alternative? The other […]

Have you got to grips with user intent yet?

As Google runs another update to it’s algorithm, many hundreds of thousands of website owners will either be, really pleased with adjustments to their organic search engine results, or they won’t. If you have experienced a marked reduction in your organic search results lately, you may need to give your website content a spruce up. […]

Improving SEO in 2021

With every New Year comes a time of reflection and an ever growing ‘to do’ list to improve on the results achieved in 2020. For many businesses, achieving better results in 2021 is going to be somewhat easier, especially now a vaccination program has started in the UK. In the meantime, it makes sense to […]

Is Google’s recent page layout a cause for concern for SEO?

There are many seo consultants and agencies growing concerned with the recent re-design of Googles search engine results pages and how this may affect the long-term future of the industry. With many claiming Google has finally revealed it’s true colours in becoming a rather more sophisticated version of Yellow Pages (no known as YELL) is […]

Google Business Listings just as important as SEO (for some)

If you run a small business locally, securing a local business listing within Google search results can significantly increase your marketing reach online. With the emergence of smartphones, Google can pinpoint exactly where a customer is located (through GPS) when they search for information, products and services. Consider also, mobile search (using smartphones) is where […]

The best way to avoid Panda update woes

Google updates the software and factors they use to determine page rankings in SERPS (search engine results pages) regularly, but every now and again, they make changes that have unscrupulous SEO’s and business owners hiding for cover. Why is this? The simple truth is, too many people spend their time manipulating seo on and away […]