I work around your needs as a company.

If you are in a competitive marketplace, with plenty of keywords and key phrases to target, it’s well worth discussing retaining my services on a monthly basis.

Monthly retainer fees start from £295

On the other hand, you may be a small business that just needs a periodical review and refresh and on that basis, we agree on the work and I provide an estimate.

You may be somewhere in between the above! If this is the case, we will discuss your challenges and agree on a plan of action.

The SEO industry still appears to be split on using SEO services Ad Hoc or Monthly, but I have been doing this since 2006 and have personally found, a lot of small business websites simply wouldn’t benefit from a monthly contract.

I say contract, but for me, even if you need regular monthly support, the arrangement runs on a flexible, 30-day rolling basis.

I believe my fees are highly competitive considering the number of years I have stacked up in search engine optimisation.


About SEO Fees

Monthly contract fees are very common amongst SEO Agencies and SEO Professionals.

By retaining services on a monthly basis, you secure regular support in helping you achieve business targets, in the form of enquiries, sign ups or sales.

But for many small to medium, traditional style businesses across Cornwall and the UK, there may not be enough business to be gained online to justify paying, what can often be, substantial monthly payments.

The beauty of SEO is, I can conduct a lot of research for you upfront, so we can gauge the level of potential you can tap into online as a business.

From the research conducted, we can have a very straightforward conversation around creating a sound strategy that will help you tap into what’s available and work out some costings from there.


Why Choose Me


Excellent fees


Just me to deal with


Consistent Results


I’m a nice chap!

Client Testimonials

“Iain has helped us compete with larger national companies, without using any link building strategies - awesome work”
“I was investing in a number of websites and the advice Iain gave me saved me a lot of money and helped me grow my business to the point I'm stacked out with work”
Builder Liskeard
“Iain has always helped me deal with the technical side of the web, including making sure my website can be found on google”
GMC Stone

Work with someone direct.

Work with a search engine optimisation specialist direct and get the results you need.