Cheap SEO

Cheap SEO sounds, well cheap, doesn’t it?

Whilst you don’t really want cheap solutions, if you are working with limited resources, there is a workaround and this is what I would suggest.

Firstly, if you can have an expert run over the state of your website, from a search engine-friendly and technical perspective, you can get some great pointers before you start optimising your website.

If you are going to spend any money on SEO with limited resources, you need to box clever and get whoever you work with to:

  1. Address technical issues for you
  2. Get your website SEO setup properly, with a view to optimising the pages yourself
  3. Book training with an SEO expert or book yourself a course online


Once you are set up, you can go about conducting the keyword research, selecting words and phrases you feel match user intent with the products and services you can offer.

The final stage is developing your website pages, so they offer visitors a close match to the words and phrases you have selected for each page.

Once work is completed, you can start tracking results and making continuous improvements as required.


If you are really struggling, I can coach you through the process and oversee your efforts.


About Fees

Here is a list of fees if you are looking to do most of the work yourself:

Website Site Audit: FREE
Home Page Optimisation Service: From £49
One to One SEO Training: From £49 per session
SEO Coaching: From £35 per session

Why Choose Me


Excellent fees


Just me to deal with


Consistent Results


I’m a nice chap!

Client Testimonials

“Iain has helped us compete with larger national companies, without using any link building strategies - awesome work”
“I was investing in a number of websites and the advice Iain gave me saved me a lot of money and helped me grow my business to the point I'm stacked out with work”
Builder Liskeard
“Iain has always helped me deal with the technical side of the web, including making sure my website can be found on google”
GMC Stone

Work with someone direct.

Work with a search engine optimisation specialist direct and get the results you need.