Cheap SEO

Are you looking for cheap SEO? You are definitely in the right place.

If you feel you need some SEO but have a limited budget to work with, we offer good options:

Website Submission Service

Sometimes a website simply cannot be found by search engines.

This can be due to technical issues with an xml sitemap or robots text file.

The only way to rectify issues is by communicating with Search Engines like Google directly.

We offer a site submission service from as little as £49. Cost is dependent on the level of support required and the issues that need to be addressed.

We can provide an estimate for more involved projects where xml sitemaps or robot.txt files are more complex.

Ensuring your sitemap.xml file and robots.txt file is functioning correctly, can be a very quick and cheap way to turbo charge your seo.

Home Page SEO

Optimising the home page of your website can be the quickest and cheapest way of turbo charging results on a budget.

The single biggest mistake website owners still make today, is not choosing the right keywords to target new visitors for.

Major search engines like Google use clever and powerful software to determine user intent, when they type in words, phrases and sentences into the search bar.

It takes both expertise and intuition to choose the right keywords that will provide you with the desired results.

The process of keyword research and on-page optimisation can be done from as little as £95, depending on your target audience and reach (local, national or international)

One to One Training & Coaching

Another way to turbo charge your seo, is to do it yourself with support.

There is a lot of free information on the internet, around search engine optimisation and Google’s own SEO Starter Guide is brilliant.

The problem is though, it can be a lot to take in and you won’t always be able to apply what you learn effectively.

There is a lot of reasons for this, so working with someone who can support you and oversee what you are doing, can avoid costly mistakes.

Getting your strategy and execution right, with seo for example, is key to success.

Training and coaching is available from £49 per session.

What you’ll get in return is a fast-track approach to setting up seo for success.

Looking for another Cheap SEO option?

Any SEO Consultant should be able to help you budget.

At SEO Cornwall, we understand that search engine optimisation doesn’t always start with big budgets.

Indeed, it can be more sensible to start out small and invest more as time goes by and you can see the results.

Once you have the confidence in this form of digital marketing, it eases any concerns you have around risk.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is very cost-effective when executed properly.

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