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seo consultantIf you are looking to employ the services of an SEO Consultant, we would love to hear from you - contact us

If would like to learn SEO for yourself, then we would recommend you first read Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Our services include on page optimisation, seo training and seo consultancy. We do not generally charge monthly retention fees, simply because we don't believe this is good practice for the industry. For us, it sends out the wrong message that every website owner needs to do 'seo' every month and that is simply not the case.

Our consultants are fully conversant with Google, Yahoo and Bing Search, as well as Google AdWords™ and Google Analytics™.



Who do you work for? The self employed, small businesses with 5-50 employees and larger organisations. Target locations include: local, regional, national and global audience/s.

Can you guarantee page 1 rankings on Google? We follow Google's guidelines and achieve page 1 rankings for many clients, but we never guarantee you page 1 results as this goes against core seo values Google stand for. Please be wary of websites or companies offering guarantees. Google make it very clear that nobody can guarantee page 1 organic search rankings. Why anyone would is a cause for concern.

Is your work guaranteed? Yes, our work is guaranteed to comply with Google guidelines relating to seo / best practices.

Do you do all the work? Yes, the majority of the time. The only exception to the rule is where you have your own in house team and require us on a consultancy basis only.

Is it expensive? No. We can achieve good results for you irrespective of how deep your pockets are. A home page seo tune up, for example, starts from only £90.


SEO Consultancy

If you would like to increase your web traffic through Google Search and convert more visitors into leads, enquiries and/or sales we are on hand to provide flexible, expert support.

We work at all levels alongside business owners and in house technical support teams to help you increase web traffic and conversions.



The Google Factor

When people search the internet looking for information, products or services, the majority use Google Search.

The importance of your website being listed on Google for products and services relating to your business cannot be understated.

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About SEO

SEO stands for 'search engine optimisation' the process of optimising websites and web pages for search engines.

With Google still commanding the majority of online search in the UK , it's little wonder most website owners are keen to establish a good presence on this popular search engine.

We work at all levels alongside business owners and in house technical support teams to achieve the best results possible.



An alternative to SEO . . . .

For some companies, it can be cheaper and easier to run a small advertising campaign, through Google AdWords. This solution will not be suitable for everyone, but if we feel it could provide great results, we will always put forward the recommendation to run a test campaign for you.

We do not work for Google or take commission, which means we act on your behalf independently.

Any advertising has to work for your business and we need to be able to gauge how much profit you are making over and above your fixed costs and gross margins, otherwise online advertising can quickly become a very expensive outlay.




Our location

We are based in Cornwall, but we do work for clients across the UK who are happy for us to work remotely (through email or phone)

If you need face to face support, irrespective of where you are based, please let us know.




SEO Review

If you would like to submit your website, we will review everything related to achieving 1st page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We will present our recommendations in a simple to follow email. We will confirm a fixed cost for us to carry out the work, but you are not under any obligation.

You may wish to do the seo yourself and if this is the case, our recommendations can be used for your own benefit. If you follow our advice we know it will prove very useful. If you would like us to go into more depth or you need any further support, charges may apply.