Iain Venn

My story

I was working for a printing company in 2005 and could not quite believe how hard it was to purchase a good search-engine friendly website!

It inspired me to look into how search engines like google rank websites and web pages and I started up a small business making search friendly websites.

From 2008 I had set up a business dedicated to search engine optimisation and kept my web design business ticking over.

During the course of the last few years, I have worked for a couple of clients full-time.

From 2023, I am back offering my services to clients who will benefit from my extensive seo experience.

I’m looking forward to the journey . . . . .

My Mission

I am a results driven person and understand business owners need a consistent level of enquiries and sales to succeed.

My mission is to help my clients achieve consistently good results from search engines.

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Why Choose Me


Excellent fees


Just me to deal with


Consistent Results


I’m a nice chap!

Client Testimonials

“Iain has helped us compete with larger national companies, without using any link building strategies - awesome work”
“I was investing in a number of websites and the advice Iain gave me saved me a lot of money and helped me grow my business to the point I'm stacked out with work”
Builder Liskeard
“Iain has always helped me deal with the technical side of the web, including making sure my website can be found on google”
GMC Stone

Work with someone direct.

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