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Webmaster Pro Service™

A ‘webmaster’ is someone who can oversee the running of your website.

Our Webmaster Pro Service™ provides ongoing maintenance, seo reviews and performance checks. Websites that are well maintained and cared for, generally speaking, provide consistently better results than websites that are left regularly unattended.

We do however, carefully consider your options when evaluating how much support you need. An annual health check can be adequate for some and absolutely useless to others. On the other hand, you are not going to want the expense of a daily plan unless your website is achieving good daily sales figures.

Don’t worry. We’ll help you figure out the right plan to start with. We can change it up (or down) at any time.

Plans Available

Daily plans from £295 per month: With a daily plan, a webmaster works through an agreed checklist, every day (Monday to Friday) Any issues are dealt with immediately and you are contacted (if necessary)

Weekly plans from £195 per month: Each week a webmaster will review a list of key areas to review and report back on (if necessary)

Monthly plans from £95 per month: Monthly checks (from agreed list) Reports available if required.

Yearly plans from £250 – Yearly health-check. Maintenance. Content updates. SEO Review.

We offer a webmaster service that provides peace of mind, without the need to sign a long-term contract.

Tasks can include:

  • maintenance / updates
  • google adword campaigns
  • google analytics
  • security checks
  • form submissions (working)
  • keyword page rankings
  • web traffic
  • conversions
  • content updates
  • seo