SEO Devon

Why look at SEO?

When people search online, many use search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to find information, do some research and source products and services.

Those in the know are more than aware that search engines allow advertisers space within these results.

The more credible results are contained within the search engine results pages.

You simply cannot pay to appear in these results, just in the same way you cannot pay for good editorial in a reputable publication – it’s earnt. A lot of people know this and prefer to click on these results because they are trusted.

Search engines like Google don’t allow just anyone to appear within these free results; they are screened against many safety factors.

This provides reputable companies with an opportunity to attract serious buyers online.

How can you benefit from SEO in Devon?

Firstly, you can run some research to find out whether potential clients are looking for a company just like yours in Devon.

You can also widen your net, especially if you are looking to attract custom around the UK or even worldwide.

It makes no difference whether you have an online store or you are looking for visitors to book a room or experience with you.

There is many different types of customers using the internet these days, looking for every type of product or service you can imagine.

How much will SEO cost?

An estimate can be provided, once you identify your target audience and reach (local vs national vs worldwide)

I offer a free seo chat so we can identify the actual work that would need to be done to help you achieve some good results.

Results that bring you new customers that would have otherwise bought elsewhere.

I don't really understand SEO and have a lot of questions - what do I do?

It’s completely understandable, which is why I would recommend having an informal chat.

I can answer all of your questions in the free seo chat and my approach has always been ‘honesty is the best policy’.

SEO is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution for every company.

Having worked in SEO since 2006, it can work really well for some businesses and not so well for others.

Some SEO work is really easy to get good results and some SEO work takes a lot of time and resource to achieve good results.

It’s therefore really important to understand what the roadmap looks like for you, should you wish to explore appearing in search engine results pages (sometimes referred to as SERPs)

I am being quoted monthly fees - is this normal?

Monthly fees is common practice with SEO, but not every business will benefit from paying monthly fees.

A traditional business, for example, covering a local area, is very unlikely going to need to spend on monthly SEO, once the initial work is done.

That is not to say that you won’t need an annual review to make sure you are still benefiting from free organic traffic on search engines.

Other traditional businesses might not need SEO work, but they might need to keep their website up to date regularly, to maximise enquiries and sales. This is a slightly different service.

On the other hand, if you are running an online store nationwide, you may well have some major competition and a growing portfolio of products and / or services that will require constant seo work.

If you like the idea of using SEO to attract more custom, but you still are not sure . . . .

It doesn’t cost any money to speak with me.

There is nothing to be gained from me taking on the wrong type of clients.

I can speak to you about your business, the potential, what data is available to back this up and what would be a sensible way to get the ball rolling (if there is real potential that is)

Believe it or not, there is not many true ‘seo specialists’ around Devon, only companies offered a broad brush of services, including web design, online advertising, online pr and website management services.

You’ll love speaking to me if you appreciate straighforward advice based on facts and figures.