Project Manager Cornwall

Hire a Prince2 Practitioner well versed in Agile PM.

Projects of any size or scope can be undertaken, subject to receiving the business case and list of stakeholders, including project board and suppliers.

Day rates start from £295 per day, plus expenses.

Why hire a Prince2 Practitioner?

It is not uncommon for projects to run over budget or past agreed delivery dates.

Many projects also fail to deliver the original benefits outlined in the agreed business case, often leading to lost resources.

A Prince2 Practitioner is trained to mitigate these issues and will manage and oversee the project daily, within agreed limits of responsibility.

A good project manager will also provide an objective viewpoint throughout, ensuring resources are optimised wherever possible.

About Prince2 & Agile Project Management

Prince2 is a world renowned form of project management that encompasses principles, processes and products to effectively run any size project from start to finish.

Organisations large and small use Prince2 methodology to great effect and it is arguably the most comprehensive project management system available.

AGILE is a project management method that can be used alongside Prince2 and using the two methodologies together is becoming more common practice.