Much fuss and debate is generated on the internet when Google mention a significant change in the algorithm they use to judge how pages should be ranked within their free (organic) search results.

But – did you know – Google is always improving the algorithm anyway, so why should you worry about it?

The answer lies in one key area of seo and that’s not playing by the rules.

Google is constantly recommending new ideas to help website owners present valuable web pages, but it seems most of this advice is completely ignored?!

Instead, web owners, either directly or indirectly, spend their time and money using techniques to try and fool Google into passing over high page rankings. The majority of website owners today still don’t have the courage or conviction in their business activities to develop websites that visitors find really useful, interesting or exciting.

If you don’t want to have to worry about Google’s algorithm changes, you need to be working with genuine people in your team who can help you develop a compelling site web visitors love to use and share with others.