The process of getting your website and web pages promoted to the first page of Google’s search engine results pages can be an ongoing struggle and when you do get there, how do you stay there?

The key to success is to keep working hard and not stand still.

People use Google for a whole manner of things these days, whether it be information seeking or looking to source a product or service.

Google have a responsibility to their users to provide information that is relevant, accurate and of good quality, otherwise, why use Google in the first place?

When you are planning an seo campaign, it’s a good idea to evaluate those web pages that already appear on page 1 for your chosen keyword or phrase. By doing this, you can evaluate how relevant, accurate and useful those pages are.

The next question is – how can you improve those pages with your own?

In most cases, you will need to go that extra mile to ensure your content is better and stays better. By taking the initiative and providing more relevant, accurate and better quality information, you become the leader of the pack. Once you get there, it’s vital you stay one step ahead of the competition and maintain your content with the latest, most up to date information possible.

It does take hard work, but the rewards can make a real difference to the overall performance of your website.