We read with dismay today, another ‘news’ article promoting the virtues of regular seo.

There is and there always will be different needs as far as a website and seo is concerned. There is local, regional, national and even global needs and not every website owner will fall into all of these categories.

So take a butcher looking for local business in Penzance, or Camborne, Redruth etc, etc. It’s helpful to implement seo and review it every six months (check for emerging search terms, analyse results, update content etc) but the need to regularly ‘seo’ that type of website is absurd.

A butcher maybe looking for business in a major city or county might need to spend a little more time on SEO – but monthly? Not always. No.

On the other hand, a butcher looking to generate business throughout the southwest or the whole country – Yes. Maybe a regular SEO strategy is worth consideration. Maybe.

Of course, there are many online websites that do look for business across the UK (and abroad) and depending on how competitive the industry is, an on-going seo strategy may well be required, but it’s not always necessary and business owners deserve to be better informed about SEO.

Google go to great pains to try and explain this to anyone willing to listen, but bizarrely, a lot of the advice and guidance they provide is completely ignored!?

Whether business owners feel ranking well on Google is an ‘us vs them’ scenario – we are not sure. It certainly doesn’t need to be.

A real seo consultant can quickly identify how little or how much a business owner or a website owner will need to spend on SEO (or related activities)

All we can recommend is always proceed with caution when it comes to choosing any seo support and if a company trys to sell you ‘their monthly solution’ that’s a good time to move onto your next option.