As a seo bod, I see Google in the positive and the negative.

On the positive side, they do try to educate and inform business owners (website owners) and webmasters on how to improve a sites performance, both within Google Search (organic results) and optimising traffic into sales and leads.

On the darker side, I see advertisers paying excessive costs on Google AdWords without truly understanding whether it’s profitable to do so.

Google might respond to the above with the fact that they do provide a number of free analytical tools to help business owners/webmasters understand performance, including profit and loss – which is a fair point.

I would retort with the fact that it isn’t currently straight forward to setup all the free tools and in many cases, you need to employ the services of web developers and seo experts to help you analyse the data properly.

And this is where I see a massive black hole because – analysing the data is key to understanding what’s working and what’s costing your business huge losses.

What businesses should learn from Google is how to optimise their websites in accordance with their search engine guidelines and within these guidelines are golden nuggets of information that won’t just lead to higher page rankings, they will also lead to converting more visitors into real customers.

The technology available today is ample for business owners to stem losses through a website and re-focus efforts on squeezing every last penny of profit that is to be had.

For those who choose not to use it, then accept your website is going to be losing a lot of profit for your business.