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Think like Google™

So imagine for a moment you have billions of customers worldwide. Then imagine you are entrusted to provide information for over 100 billion search queries (per month) regarding everything from ‘what is an alphabet’ to ‘who are led zeppelin.’

Not an easy task.

So when it comes to ranking web pages in order of importance, you can either think like Google (in how you rank these pages) or you can try and ‘blag’ your way in.

If you think like Google, you do everything you can to provide information your customers can trust.

Blaggers find ‘loopholes’ and succeed for a (short) time, but people aren’t stupid (neither is Google) and blaggers soon get caught out.

Since 2008, we have been helping our clients think like Google in everything they do online.

Think like Google and your website soon begins to rank well within all the major search engines and your conversions increase too.

It’s a simple philosophy that focusses on long term wins, for you, your customers and search engines.

Want in?

We know we can help you, but we also know we are not going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

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It goes without saying that we do not work for your competitors. If we already deal with a client in your industry, we will tell you immediately.

Conversely, we do not discuss our clients with anyone. Our service is provided to our clients in the strictest of confidence and with complete anonymity.

We are more than happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements accordingly.