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What is an SEO Friendly Website?

An seo friendly website or search engine friendly website, is a website that meets search engine standards. These standards will be both technical standards (such as website loading speed) and content standards (relating to authenticity and credibility of website content)

Many many website owners get the basics wrong unfortunately and this commonly results in poor search engine rankings, leading to low website visitors and conversions (in the form of enquiries or product sales)

By building a website with super fast loading speeds, content that engages and interests visitors and clear instructions on what to do through each step of the site, you soon attract search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why? Because they want to promote web pages that are easy to access, authentic, useful and responsive. They ultimately want their customers to find the information they are looking for, in one click (where possible)

This is of course impossible as most customers will view a few pages within a web search, but hey, if your website is the best overall, search engines pick up on this, especially if you are converting more customers on your site vs your competitors.

Search engines like Google want their customers to be safe when browsing search results – they don’t want there customers coming to any harm, whether physical, financial or otherwise, so you need to be seen as an individual or organisation that can be trusted. By listing your website and it’s pages, a company like Google is recommending you to their own customers, so you need to live up to very high standards.

Why buy a search engine friendly website?

When you need to generate an income from your website, it’s worth investing in a search engine friendly website.

A clunky non-compliant website is going to cost you dear in lost opportunities, such as lost leads, lost sales and savvy competitors taking a larger slice of the pie.

A search engine friendly website gets you found more online and converts a very healthy level of visitors, into customers.

How much will it cost?

The cost is closely linked to the scale of your website, for example, are you a sole trader looking for a 5 page website or are you an organisation looking to sell 10,000 products worldwide?

A sole trader looking for business within a 20-40 mile radius is only likely to need a few web pages, nicely written with some nice looking pictures and it’s good to go, with a little nurturing and management.

The cost here would be a setup of £199, with a quarterly management fee of £49. Job done.

An individual or organisation looking to set up an e-commerce store with an initial 100 products, for example, will need a little more support in terms of designing effective product pages and content that encourages people to buy. It will also involve some seo training to help staff include current best practices to maximise search engine traffic, whenever a new product is added.

The likely start up cost here is £2000, with a monthly management fee in the region of £149.

Every website build is different and it often changes and it’s important for you to have flexibility, when you need to make changes, but you are working with the people that do the work, so you keep your costs to a minimum.

We would be delighted to provide you with an estimate for any work needed, including a new web build.

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