Developing a simple search engine optimisation and online marketing strategy for your business pays massive dividends, so it’s well worth spending some time on it.

Firstly – decide what you want to focus your efforts on – have an end game so to speak. Don’t get involved in activities that are not going to pay dividends.

Also – understand that some of your activities are going to be ‘hard’ sell and some will be ‘soft sell’.

Hard Sell – includes your web pages with ‘call to actions’ such as call us today, request a brochure, buy now, contact us etc. Also includes any paid for advertising.

Your hard sell pages should be simple, direct and guide visitors on what you want them to do. Hard selling activity is targeting web visitors who are close to making a decision on purchasing a product or service.

Soft Sell – includes blog posts, article submissions in newspapers and magazines, social media.

Your soft sell content will engage, educate, inform and encourage people to share freely. Soft sell content is designed for visitors conducting some research on the subject, some being far away from a decision, others being very close – those needing a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Forming an online marketing strategy should align to your seo goals as well – after all – the more search engines see you as more than just another website and more of an authority on your business – the more traffic gets directed through your site.

Put yourself in someone elses shoes. Would you prefer Google et al point you to an expert on a subject or someone just looking to sell something?