Why not try Send in Blue?

It’s a free service for those who have trouble receiving contact forms from wordpress websites.

This service works really well with the WP Mail SMTP plugin, ensuring you receive important enquiry forms into your email.

You can access the service here https://www.sendinblue.com/

Contact Form Submissions Errors

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to problem solve why you are not receiving important contact forms from your website.

This can be a real drain on your time and resources, especially if you are busy working on your own.

The beauty of using sendinblue though is, once you setup your account and work through the easy to follow steps, you simply copy your api key and paste this into WP Mail SMTP settings (they already have an option to use Send In Blue)

So here is the step by step process:
1. Go to Plugins in your WordPress Admin Section
2. Click Add button and search for ‘WP Mail SMTP’
3. Click ‘Install’
4. Click ‘Activate’
5. Go to WP Mail SMTP settings
6. Click ‘Send In Blue’ option
7. Setup your Send in Blue account and use the easy to follow setup guide (automatically runs once you sign up with your email address)
8. Copy your api code and paste into WP Mail SMTP settings.

That’s it – you are ready to go and you can run a test email function with WP Mail SMTP.

If, in the unlikely event you cannot get this to work, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be delighted to help you.

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