When planning, updating or managing a website, there is still a huge lack of understanding amongst the business community when it comes to Google and the way they rank web pages.

One of the key issues is accessibility; that is, how easy is it for Google to evaluate your website and it’s web pages?

If your website and it’s web pages are easy to access, it makes Google’s job of evaluating your content straight forward. This is more likely to result in your web page appearing within highly relevant search engine results pages. Also, if Google have good access to your website, they can feedback any areas that could be improved.

If it is not easy to access, it makes the process of search engine optimisation so much more difficult – sometimes impossible.

Before undertaking any seo work, it is always strongly advisable to evaluate how ‘search engine friendly’ your website is.

It will save you a whole lot of time, trouble and money if you do.