There are many seo consultants and agencies growing concerned with the recent re-design of Googles search engine results pages and how this may affect the long-term future of the industry.

With many claiming Google has finally revealed it’s true colours in becoming a rather more sophisticated version of Yellow Pages (no known as YELL) is Advertising going to take precedent over organic results?

Well, the true answer is, Google need to balance paying shareholders dividends vs staying true to it’s original purpose of indexing useful content in one place.

That is not going to change any time soon.

It does however put a huge spotlight on the seo industry, in terms of helping their clients continue to benefit from free and in many cases, lucrative Google website visitors willing to spend money.

Well thought out websites and web pages represent excellent value to Google and it’s customers and everyone using Google Search can clearly tell the difference between paid ads and organic (quality) content.

There is little doubt we are entering a new era in how website owners align their own strategies with the core values and high compliance standards Google now have in place to keep their customers safe and informed.