Hourly SEO Rates

Our hourly SEO rates may seem expensive, but here is an example of what we can do in just 1 hour!

  1. We can optimise your home page for Google Search™
  2. We can increase your website traffic FREE for months (sometimes years) before you need to do anything else
  3. We can help you track conversions and identify cost savings (advertising, sponsorships, social media, directories, referral sites)
  4. We can help you increase conversions (each and every month)

We are not cheap – but we are very efficient at our jobs. We do offer some very competitve packages as well – click here for more information

All work is guaranteed and we don’t sign off until we are 100% satisfied it is working as desired.

To bring this into better perspective, here is an example of the types of clients we work for:

Client A runs a small agency helping clients find products in Cornwall. The original site is search engine friendly and the site appears on Google Search™ for the most popular search terms relating to their business activities. This client pays £90 a year for an SEO review.

Client B runs a small business with a turnover of £100,000. They need to have a 10 page website completely checked and enhanced for Google Search™. This client pays £695 for their SEO for the year and are provided with a list of guidelines to help them gain and maintain Page 1 rankings with Google (long-term)

Client C runs an online store with a turnover of £500,000. They target clients looking for product X nationally. Their website is search engine friendly, but they are still trying to increase web traffic on more keywords. This client pays £1ooo during the course of a year getting hands on seo support for key web pages. They are also provided with regular advice on how to enhance their reputation online.

Client D runs an online store with a turnover of £5,000,000. They have an ongoing need to keep on top of their SEO. This client pays £2000 per month to cover regular meetings, on-site support and ongoing web page optimisation.


With 10 years experience, we will guide you on how little or how much support you might need. We won’t recommend anything we don’t feel will benefit you.