Google Shopping Charges

This week Google will begin charging online store owners for shopping results, alongside it’s advertising platform Google Ads | Shopping.

This will not affect all store owners immediately as Google is promising to include non paid for product submissions.  This however, is not likely to last very long, so any business currently generating sales through Google Shopping need to plan for the future.

The best way forward in the short term is to check what percentage of your sales currently comes in via Google Shopping. From here you can take a close look at your top selling lines and set up a campaign accordingly.

As soon as your key products become de-listed from Google Shopping, you can activate the advertising immediately.

There is a number of ways to set up Google Ads | Shopping and SEO Cornwall can help any company make the transition across.


Note: Google is testing this new advertising feature, but it has not been well received by many, simply due to the fact that results can potentially be manipulated by how much store owners are prepared to pay, rather than the results being based on best prices.

We will keep our latest news section up to date regarding Google Ads | Shopping



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