Reviews provide valuable feedback. They tell us where we are going right and where we are going wrong. Reviews can save you money and increase your profits – if dealt with in the correct way.

When dealing with bad reviews, please remember nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Don’t go on the defensive. Put yourself in the reviewers position and see things from their perspective. If you are not able to do this, give the job to someone else who can.

Tips for dealing with bad reviews:

  1. Acknowledge that (in the reviewers mind) the product or service has not met their expectations
  2. Tell them what you are going to do (or have done) to rectify the issue
  3. Genuinely thank them for highlighting any issues (don’t just thank them for their feedback – that’s a bit smug)
  4. Tell them how you are going to reduce any issues arising again (but don’t make any promises you cannot keep)

Above all, be sincere and remain positive.

Anyone reading the bad review will see you have made a genuine attempt to rectify the situation and respect you more for it.

The reviewer will likely feel valued and may well use your company again.