I often speak to customers who cannot afford to use design agencies in Cornwall and with the current climate, this is likely to continue.

There is little doubt in my mind, when budgets allow, working with a design team does allow for more creative ideas to flow on a project.

Design Agencies in Cornwall

What’s the alternative?

The other alternative is to work with web designers or web developers. This can save money, but it’s not always the case.

If you are an existing company in Cornwall, you may well be thinking long and hard about whether you leave the website as it is for now. Some companies won’t have a choice though, especially if they are losing ground to new companies or competitors.

Do you have a WordPress Website?

If you are working with an existing WordPress site and you are not contracted to anyone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get it updated or give it a fresh look.

Changing design themes in WordPress is fairly simple to do, but the real work comes from tidying up the content, which often looks untidy after a theme is changed.

This gives you an ideal opportunity to tidy content and review search engine optimisation (seo) so it’s a good and cost effective exercise.

Website Design in Cornwall for New Startups

If you are a new starter, there is a wide range of web design software tools; some of which come free when you register a domain.

The most common website builders are those supplied by Wix, Duda and GoDaddy.

A Word of Caution . . . .

Using ‘free’ website design software can have it’s drawbacks. A lot of software tools online look easy enough to use, but not is all what it seems.

Many of these tools are in their infancy, so they don’t come with all the features search engines like Google rely on to find websites and web pages online.

There is little point in having a website if Google can’t find it. No point whatsoever.

This is where a web design agency, web design company or web designer in Cornwall can help

Spending time with people who understand web design, the user experience and what it takes to make money from a website online, can make a massive difference when you are trying to get a new enterprise off the ground.

Even in the current climate, having some budget to get your new website setup properly might be the difference between success or failure.

How to go about finding a Web Design Specialist in Cornwall

First. Set a comfortable budget for your web design. Include the cost of purchasing a website domain (your www.address) and a website hosting package. You’ll need both and costs vary.

There is so many good website domains still up for grabs and if you can choose something that includes a description of your business or the products and services you wish to sell, it can generate free traffic down the line.

Website Domain prices vary from a few pounds, up to thousands of pounds, depending on their popularity or keyword relevance.

Hosting for your website will start off reasonable and increase as you grow your customer base, particularly if you get into the heady heights of tens or hundreds of thousands of web visitors each month (dare to dream)

Web Design Budget | Web Design in Cornwall

If you are working to a budget, web designer pricing will start from around £295 for a small website design package. Expect a more experienced Web Designer to charge upwards of £495 to £995 though.

An E-Commerce Website Design Package will cost more, as there is more web development work to do. Budget at least £995 -£3500 depending on the experience you are paying for.

Written by Iain Venn at SEO Cornwall

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