Over the years Google have been very clever in integrating advertising amongst their search engine results, to the point and depending on your screen resolution, it can be almost impossible to tell them apart!

So where does that leave your business?

With proper analysis, Google AdWords can be tested within very small budgets to evaluate returns, whether through increasing traffic, enquiries and/or sales. It doesn’t take more than a week to see whether advertising is going to be cost effective and profitable for your business.

The beauty also of using AdWords is you can switch it on and off as you need it. This helps you react more effectively when business suddenly dips. Your ads can be running within 5 minutes and can be stopped in 5 minutes if you have achieved your goals for the week, month or year.

In some cases, paying to guarantee some presence on the first page of google for your chosen keywords can be far more cost effective than investing in a long and prolonged seo campaign.

Working alongside a genuine consultant who is paid to look after your interests only, will ensure any testing and analysis tracks results properly.