Recently, 4 ex-googlers (with 20 collective years of experience working for Google Search Quality Team) were interviewed and asked 5 key questions:

Q1. Is quality content more important than fresh content?

A: Fresh content can have a positive influence on the rankings of a web page as long as the content is high quality content. The quality of your web pages is more important than their freshness.

Q2. Are internal link anchor texts important?

A: Internal linking with optimized anchor text makes it easier to understand your website navigation. For that reason, you should use meaningful anchor texts on your web pages.

Q3. Overusing Advertising on a site can affect page rank?

A: Although it is okay to display ads on your website, overloading a website with ads can influence your website’s visibility in Google’s search results. This is not limited to any particular ad system.

Q4. Is linking to other websites important?

A: Some people think that not linking to other websites is a good practice. The ex-Googlers recommend to link out to sources you trust. Linking to pages that are relevant to the content of your website is normal. If you’re unsure about the quality of a page, just use the rel=nofollow attribute.

“Ask yourself, would you trust a scientific report without any citations to other scientific sources? Most likely not.”

Q5. Does being a Google AdWords customers help your organic search rankings?

A: According to the ex-Googlers, Google AdWords and organic search are completely separated from each other. Changing your Google AdWords budget won’t have any effect on the algorithmic evaluation of your website.

Getting listed on Google’s isn’t rocket science. If you do the right things, Google will show your web pages for the keywords that deliver targeted visitors to your website.

Using an experienced Google SEO Consultant will make matters so much simpler.