Links and Page Rankings

When placing a link on a website or requesting a link from a website owner, here are a few tips to help you make the right choices:

  • you will need some links to include keywords you wish to be found for – example: this link is to help get seo cornwall up the rankings for google seo
  • mix the way your links are written, so you don’t go mad on one keyword or phrase – example: seo cornwall , google help
  • only place or agree to exchange links to pages that will either be helpful, useful or highly relevant to your website
  • check out any third party websites requesting a link and ask yourself ‘is it a credible site and would I be happy to recommend this business or resource to my customers?
  • do not ever place your website on a page that simply lists a bunch of links with nothing more than some token information, made up or worse, incorrect or downright misleading
  • be sure you need links in the first place and ask a qualified assessor to evaluate whether links to your website are a factor in your page rankings or not – many small business owners or website owners do not actually need to use a link building strategy
  • be a good online resource yourself and be keen to add resources to your site that visitors will genuinely find helpful and you won’t go far wrong