How to get your google rankings back

If you have suffered a recent setback in your google rankings, it’s best to firstly accept that somewhere along the line, poor decision making or ‘mistakes’ have resulted in Google downgrading your site.

Here are a few tips to set your website back on course:

  1. Too many seo tools on the market use spamming methods to give websites unsustainable ranking boosts. Also, some agencies still use spamming methods too, so you need to see examples of their off page approach to helping your website achieve and sustain healthy web rankings. If the web pages your website appears on do not look well presented (with masses of links on the page) OR if it’s obvious to you the website has been developed merely to place links on – then you need to stay well clear and explore bona fide methods instead.
  2. The best form of seo or search engine optimisation has nothing to do with trying to cheat Google and it’s searchers – it has everything to do with providing useful pages that are beneficial for searchers, businesses and Google.

Google absolutely loves it when websites are optimised properly, but they are at war against anyone trying to break the rules.