About Link Building

It is no secret that Google sometimes need to evaluate back links to websites who are competing for highly popular search enquiries (keywords people type into search bar)

The reason being, it guides Google on how many recommendations each site has, prior to considering their place within the top browsed pages (1 through 3)

For many small business owners operating within a local area, link building is not normally necessary.

For those website owners competing on highly desirable keywords and phrases, it’s important to understand what makes a good link in the first place.

Links from websites that have a related topic are highly desirable.


  • If your website is an online travel shop, links from travel blogs will have a very positive influence on your rankings.
  • Links from single web pages that are related to your topic. For example, a newspaper website usually isn’t related to your site, but if they publish an article about a topic that is related to your website, a link from that page is great.
  • Links that show the importance of your website. If your website is linked with a “Further information about that topic can be found here” link then search engines will see that your website is an authority for that topic.
  • Links from high authority websites. If Wikipedia or the Sunday Times link to your website, it’s clear that your website must be important.

Get backlinks that show that your website is real.

There are other link types that will also have a positive influence on your search engine rankings:

  • Links from business associations. These links show search engines that your website belongs to a particular category.
  • Links from related articles. If you publish guest posts on other web logs, it’s okay to link to your site. As long as the content of the page is related to your website, this will have a positive influence. Do not bulk submit the same article to many sites. Be selective.
  • Links from business directories. Some websites such as the Yellow Pages simply must list your website if you want to show search engines that you’re serious about your business.
  • Links from business partners. It’s perfectly fine if your business partners link to your site.
  • Any link that delivers targeted visitors to your website.

Using link directories or mass submission tools to try and fool Google into believing your website has more links than anywhere else generally won’t work.

A poor approach to link building can result in your website being removed from Google.

Google will be taking a much closer look at the use of poor link building this year – so webmasters beware!